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Welcome to the Do Ze Textile blog.

Emiko Nagasawa and I live in Shizuoka, Japan. I studied textiles at Tokyo Zokei University from 1990-1994. I specialised in the study of Scottish tartan weaving along with studying other forms of textile weaving and dyeing. After graduation I came back to my hometown and opened a small studio.

I spin and weave wool and also create felted wearable items that are designed to be comfortable, warm and have the unique look of being handmade with an eye kept on quality and detail. Scottish tweed and textiles techniques have been a big influence upon the way I go about the crafting process. I have a great love for Scottish culture also having travelled to the Outer Hebrides to do some work experience at the Harris Tweed Company.

Do-Ze (my business name) is a Cantonese word meaning to give thanks when receiving something. This is symbolic and represents the connection between humans and the natural living world of plants and animals. We use wool, silk, linen and other natural fibers. They have given of themselves and it is good way to walk to keep thankful thoughts in the mind towards them for this.

This blog is mostly written in Japanese at the moment so I hope that the photos can be like words to tell a story and you will enjoy them.

I have regular exhibitions in Japan and I can send the items I make to anywhere in the world. Please feel welcome to contact me by email and ask if you have any questions regarding Do-Ze woolcraft or anything regarding my blog etc.

I hope you have found something of interest and thankyou for visiting this space.

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